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Personalizing Wooden Hangers

Something beautiful for the ladies is always a welcome surprise. When the women showed up to dress for this wedding, they received these personalized wooden hangers with their dresses hung and ready to wear. It’s these small touches that can be used by your photographer to capture photos of this special day. (The dresses would still look lovely, but without this extra touch it is doubtful the photographer would be taking photos of dresses without the wearer inside them!)

Personalized Wooden Hangers

Hanger Fit for a Wedding Gown and Hung on a Chandelier!

These are a bit expensive to buy, but if you are able to follow the directions on this link ( you will be able to surprise your bridal party and special guests with this thoughtful gift.  If bending wire is not what you envision yourself doing you can find personalized wooden hangers on as well as on several sites on etsy.

Personalized Wood Hangers

Personalized Wooden Hangers for all the bridal party.

It’s these “small details” that add to making your wedding day extra special and provide inspiration for your photographer. Thank you Andy for these beautiful photos! (

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